Photos are memories

About me

Hello, my name is Janina!

I am happy that you are here!


Growing up in the Ruhr area, I now live with my husband in beautiful Bavaria and enjoy the small-town, rural surroundings around Karlsfeld near Munich, in the Dachau district and in the surrounding area.

In my free time you can almost always find me somewhere in the mountains, (almost) no matter what the weather is - Upper Bavaria has become my heart's home!

That's why I am often in my second home, the district of Rosenheim,

around Bruckmühl, Feldkirchen-Westerham, Vagen, Kolbermoor, Bad Aibling, the districts of Miesbach and Ebersberg and the surrounding area, and often take photos there too.



I love photography, because with the camera I can not just capture moments, but create lasting memories.


It is a matter close to my heart to capture the special moments of you and your children and to create lasting memories from them.

The moment passes, the feelings of happiness fade, but the photos stay and keep your feelings and memories of the special moments in your life alive forever.



There are photos of my siblings and me from childhood. In the 80s and 90s we had them developed and stuck them in albums ... and these photo albums are my most valuable possession today.

I always say: if the apartment was on fire, I would try everything to save these albums!

Because these photos are my memories of times long past.



And it is my heart's desire that you feel the same way!

That pictures of you and your children are so incredibly valuable to you, even if, of course, please don't run into a burning house.

That your children, when they grow up, see the photos as an incredibly valuable treasure and take good care of them.

That your love is shown with these pictures, so that your feelings are connected!


Of course there are hundreds of pictures on smartphones these days, and entire hard drives full of snapshots, selfies and vacation memories. So why are the photographer's family photos?

When I look at my own photos from childhood, it strikes me: it is usually a parent who takes the photos.

So that person is not in the pictures!

And that's a shame because it doesn't capture the emotions between you as a family.

At least that's how I feel: there are hardly any pictures with all of us, with mom and dad, and I think that's a very, very sad thing.



What else you should know: If you are looking for "typical photo studio pictures" in which everyone looks at the camera with a good smile and looks "stiff", you will unfortunately not find what you are looking for with me. Because:

I want to show you and your family authentically and naturally.

Every big and every little person is unique, with lots of wonderful peculiarities and strengths.

This is not meant to be hidden by stiff poses. You are you and that is a good thing!

Just as unique as you are is the interaction between you as a family.

You have a wonderful connection to each other, which I would like to immortalize with my photos.



As a mobile photographer for families, children, babies, newborns and pregnant women, I work in the district of Dachau and the surrounding area, in Munich and increasingly also in the district of Rosenheim, in Rosenheim and the Chiemgau, in the districts of Ebersberg and Miesbach.



If you want, just send me an inquiry using my contact form, then we will discuss your wishes and soon we will capture the special moments of you and your family in unique pictures!

I am very much looking forward to you and your message !




"Photography is a way of feeling, touching, loving. What you captured on film will be captured forever. It will remind you of little things long after you've forgotten everything." (Aaron Siskind)