Family & Kids

My family is my most valuable asset. We are not perfect, but we stick together!

And accept and love us for who we are.


Each of us, regardless of whether we are tall or small, is unique.

Everyone has their own personality, experiences, strengths and weaknesses.

Each of us can be what he / she is! Each of us is loved for what we are.


And that's exactly what I want to show with my photos.

You as a family, you as parents, your children, and your unique connection to each other.

The love you feel for yourself, the special moments between you that arise from it.


Little people perceive the world differently than we adults - with me your children can be as imaginative, dreamy and playful as they are.

I take the time to get to know your children before we start the family shoot.

Because I am convinced that the most beautiful photos are only taken

when everyone feels comfortable and can show themselves and their feelings as they are.

And if a little superhero or a princess has her own head or is silly when taking pictures, then that too is part of her personality and is captured!

Because: the best memories are those that put a smile on your lips!


I look forward to your request for your personal family photo shoot!

Send me a message here easily!

I'm looking forward to get in touch with you!




"Times change, moments pass, but memories remain." (unknown)