Newborns and Babies

Congratulations mom and dad!

Welcome to the world, little human! So glad to welcome you on earth!


The first time together, you as parents with your little miracle, is a very special time.

A time when you get to know each other.

A time that passes far too quickly and does not come back.


Would you like to immortalize these unique moments in pictures?

Do you want to hold on to the unique connection that exists between you and your little darling?


Feel free to contact me! We make a very relaxed appointment for your newborn shoot.

Trained and skillful, I capture your newborn in my pictures.


I like to take pictures at your home,

so that it’s as relaxed as possible for your baby. So that you have your familiar surroundings and you do not have to worry about what you have to pack and take with you and when you have to leave and then everything will be too late and chaotic ...

We will create a photo shoot for your baby together and create valuable memories!

Breaks and nursing breaks are of course included if necessary! Cuddle breaks as well. Your baby determines the process. I'll take enough time for you so that we can all have an exciting but relaxed time together.


There are many photographers in which babies are draped in perfect poses and in the best baskets, equipped with cute accessories and put in costumes, all around staged.

For me it's not about the perfect staging:

with me you stand as a family, your love for each other, and your children as individual little beings.

It's about you and your connection to each other.


However, we of course also take some photos of your baby alone and of course I can also professionally puck your babies, especially if they initially feel excitement around them and are therefore restless.

I also bring a few accessories, such as headbands, that we are happy to use.

We are also happy to include the first teddy, the pacifier chain with the name of your little darling, or other accessories that are important to you in the newborn shoot!


The typical characteristics of a newborn change quickly. So for newborn photos, it’s best to

when your little miracle at the photo shoot is a maximum of 14 days old.

But even afterwards we can of course take great baby photos at any time, for example if hospital stays prevent us from seeing each other for a shoot in the first 2 weeks. There are so many unique moments that we can capture at any age!


So that we can find a date together and realize your ideas, and if possible actually do a baby shoot in the first 14 days, it is good

if you register early - some time before the birth, so that we can discuss everything stress-free.

Send me a message here easily!

I'm looking forward to meet you!




"The day of the birth is the only blind date on which you can be sure to get to know the love of your life" (unknown)